Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have been contemplating the starting of this blog for quite some time, never quite making the decision one way or the other, until a few days ago. You see, I had a modestly successful blog in the not so distant past, which I gave up, let lapse, and otherwise abandoned when I realized that it was taking up too much of a few very important things: time, attention, and energy. Add to that the fact that I was writing about subject matter that was slowly starting to not matter to me a much as it once did, and you have a recipe for bad. And it left a similar taste in my mouth (bad, I mean). It started with so much good; intentions, energy, results, new friendships, free stuff (oh, but the free stuff isn't really free... it comes with strings, and requires quite a bit of those important things I mentioned above in order to receive it), and it slowly just became quite the exact opposite of what I wanted it to be. It became about money. It became about gaining "followers". It became about everything that does not matter to me.

So, I gave it up.

And because of that experience, although I have wanted to start this blog for quite some time, I have had reservations. Second Thoughts. And, alright, if we're being honest... fears.

Then a few days ago, I came across a blog that I absolutely fell in love with. It was almost exactly what I wanted my blog to be. And I thought... I can do this. This I can do.

... and here I am.

I want this to be a place where I can share the life of my little family. I want to share the books that we're reading, the fairy gardens that we're making, the art that we create, the traditions that we keep (and new ones that we start). I want to share why we are raising our family in the Waldorf style, naturally, full to the brim with  books and art and blocks and sunshine and walks and fairies and gnomes and very little electronic stimulation (until after bedtime, anyway, because you know I absolutely must find out what happens with Sookie, Annie, and Melissa and Joey; I'm human, don't judge!).

N, dying a play silk in a beautiful yellow tone. We love play silks!

I want to share all of the magic that comes with raising a little boy. The kisses, the dancing (and oh, boy, does he love to dance!), the made up games and stories, the questions for which I have no answers that spur days and weeks of learning about something that I knew nothing about before he asked. 

What I don't want to share on this blog: the mundane, day-to-day things that everyone deals with. I do not want to write a post about the new Swiffer Sweeper, as awesome as it may be. I do not want to tell you about the latest blog hop, or massive giveaway, or shopping deal. There are plenty of blogs (fantastic ones, too!) that do that already. I don't feel the need to throw my hat back into that ring. If I ever do get back into reviews and giveaways, they will be for things that I honestly feel would enrich someone's life, and which fit completely and seamlessly into the setting of whatever this blog becomes.

At any rate, those are my hopes. At first, I think I will be writing to my self, as no one even knows that I have started this little journal of sorts. I'm not even sure I'm set on the name of the blog, and I still need to design the aesthetics. I hope, however, if you've found your way here, that you will hang around, and enjoy the moments of our life that I share.

Much love and kindness,


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